The projects listed here relate purely to my creative urge as a private person. For my current employer, I am working on projects with topics such as special algorithms for aircraft development, Digital Transformation and Web 3.0.

Hardware 2022

Hardware 2022Eight years have passed since the last hardware assembly. A brief study of the currently available hardware led me to assemble a new and extremely quiet workstation.

Cyberneer was born :)

In 2019 I put all the code fragments I collected into a new framework and named it Cyberneer.
Turn up the volume and have fun!

Nobody Understands Rational B-Splines

In 2015, I developed a prototype to investigate the use of Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS). The resulting Topology Modeler supports user-friendly curve and surface manipulation.

Change to C++

In 2011, project Generic Engine switched to the C++ programming language. First and foremost, network capabilities with self-written protocols were explored. In the following video, Olaf Kliche shows the resulting 3D viewer in server-client mode.

Here another video regarding remote control.

Scene graph

In 2010, I implemented my own scene graph. The following video shows transformation propagation in a tree structure with parent and child nodes.

3D viewer

In 2005, Olaf Kliche and I joined forces to explore the three-dimensional space. This led in 2008 to a first prototype of a 3D viewer for polygon and finite element meshes. The prototype was written using Java and JOGL.